SIRRI SenEx™ Sensory Training FAQ

What is the premise behind the SenEx sensory training program?

This is the most commonly asked question we have. The analogy I give that most people can relate to is this:

As a PT I have always worked with the musculoskeletal system, and the purpose of the muscular system is to move mass/ weight. We have a lot of fancy equipment and techniques to accomplish this, but ultimately all we do is stress the muscle tissue to failure to create a stimulus for change. The exercise is the stimulus for the change, you grow and get stronger when you are home resting. Your muscular system responds to the demands and grows accordingly.

The sensory systems work in a similar way. The purpose of the sensory system is to process sensory information and if you want it to change you have to stress it. SenEx was created as an exercise system that will allow multisensory stimulation in many different combinations to stress the systems and allow them to change the way they work together, improve there ability to process information. This is extremely important for normal function; it has implications in developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and stroke and brain injury.


How does SenEx Sensory Training affect learning disabilities?

SenEx Sensory Training stimulates the multi-sensory association areas to integrate the sensory experience as a whole, resulting in the ability to handle complex sensory activities and environments.

By stressing all of the sensory systems simultaneously, retraining is more representative of real world experiences where selective attention is needed.


Why does the same approach work with learning problems and brain injuries such as TBI or stroke?

SenEx Sensory Training works with different sensory modalities and the programs that one client may receive is different than another; it depends on the injury and recovery required. SenEx is a Sensory Neuro-Associative Exercise system, so its uses can be very differently depending on the needs of the client.


What are the advantages to presenting the multi sensory stimulations in an integrated approach?

Developmental heirachy: The sensory stimulation present in SenEx Sensory Training is built upon the premise of an integrated hierarchy of brain function, the way a child normally develops.

Cross-modal integration: The participant is fully engaged by all the sensory systems and this help promote neuroplasticity and the ability for the brain to recover from injury.